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'I just had to write and let you know that we are delighted to discover that we have finally managed to complete one of your quizzes 100% correctly! We were struggling with just one question unanswered until 23 December, when the last penny finally dropped and I was thrilled to check our answers yesterday and find that they were all OK for both the adult and children's sections. We have thoroughly enjoyed tackling your brain teasers during 2020 and look forward to many more during 2021. '

Why not have a go at our latest quiz and maybe win a prize

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Seaside Quiz


Underground Quiz


  Icon Underground Quiz - answersV3.pdf Icon Underground Quiz - questionsV3.pdf 


Clothes Quiz

 Icon Clothes quiz answers v2.pdf  Icon Clothes quiz questionsV1.pdf .. 

 Flower Quiz


 Icon Flower quiz answers.pdf Icon Flower quiz questionsV1.pdf

 Christmas Quiz

  Icon Christmas Quiz - answers.pdf Icon Christmas Quiz - questionsv2.pdf

 Geography Quiz

  Icon 2020 Geography Quiz Answers.pdf  Icon Geography Quiz 2.pdf 

 Animal Quiz

  Icon Animal Quiz - answers.pdf Icon Animal Quiz - questions.pdf  

 Vegetarian Quiz

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