Save your Spectacles

If you have any spectacles you don't use any more, why not drop them off in the collection box at Specsavers in Dolphin Square, Tring.

Tring Lions collect them on a regular basis and send them off to the Chichester Lions who act as a co-ordination point for all collections. 

This is what Chichester Lions say about the project:

Today we are receiving used spectacles from Lions clubs throughout the UK, as well as from opticians and supermarket sources within our own City. Spectacles are delivered to us in boxes and bags of all shapes and sizes and are processed by our club members and other volunteers in our workshop. We use our considerable experience to select the items that are suitable for recycling and to sort them in preparation for onward transmission to Medico France in Le Havre. Medico France have the necessary equipment to clean and grade the spectacles ready for use in eye camps in Africa, India and Eastern Europe.
We have recently developed, with the help of the Inside Out Trust, facilities for grading spectacles in the UK and have shipped directly to Ghana, Papua New Guinea, Nepal and recently to Nigeria. In each case, the glasses are sent directly to known or Lions club contacts. We have also developed contacts with individuals and charities based in the UK who are carrying out eye-camp projects overseas, who are able to use spectacles that we are recycling and supplying to them.
Last year we sent over 300,000 pairs of spectacles to Medico France. Through Chichester the UK lions clubs provide more than 50% of the spectacles processed by Medico France - more than any other national group including France itself.


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So don't throw your old specs away take them down to Specsavers